The Academy brings together two main sponsors – the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool and the Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool. The Academy of Saint Nicholas also has more than 40 business and community partners to assist in its quest to become the heartbeat of the local area


The Academy of Saint Nicholas specialisms lie in enterprise and business and languages for business. The focus is to provide opportunities for students to learn for, about and through work in order to prepare them for further education or employment by helping them to understand how their studies relate to the real world. This is done effectively through growing links with business networks and leaders in the area.
The Academy of Saint Nicholas is not just a symbol of aspiration and attainment in south Liverpool, it is becoming the engine driving it. It is a crucial part of a wider regeneration programme which seeks to transform an area of extensive deprivation into a safe, strong and vibrant community and there are strong signs that this is already beginning to bear fruit.