In support of the Academy’s mission, the Academy is committed to the development of confident, independent and responsible students who are emotionally and spiritually strong, welcoming and tolerant of all cultures and communities and committed to the stewardship of the environment.

Our Academy Values

The Academy of St Nicholas is a welcoming, calm and purposeful Academy where everyone feels valued, supported and challenged. Our Academy is a place where students’ desire for learning and achievement is met by the passionate commitment of all the staff to the The Academy of St Nicholas





Through the provision of engaging, creative and imaginative curriculum we see our students grow in self esteem and learn to become articulate, mature and independent learners who appreciate the needs of others and understand the value of teamwork and partnership. They also develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.


Sarah Joy Gillard
I didn’t really know what a Chaplain was before I took on this role, but I had been working in schools across Liverpool teaching Relationships Education, running self-esteem groups and delivering art workshops. I had the privilege of working with Chaplain Phil at the Academy of St Francis of Assisi whilst leading one of these self-esteem groups and it introduced me to the amazing role of Chaplaincy in schools. It is a vital part supporting the social, emotional and spiritual development of young people and it appealed to all the things I am passionate about, so I was thrilled when I got the job and was able to continue working alongside Phil, within the same Trust, as Chaplain at the Academy of St Nicholas.

Our Values
We have four Christian values that guide everything we do at the Academy: respect, ambition, resilience and compassion. These values are special because they are relevant to everyone, not just those with a Christian faith, however we also have the benefit of Jesus as a perfect example of how to live out these values in every day life. These values impact how we see ourselves and how we see others, and we strive to be a school that has high moral expectations for the good of each individual and of the community as a whole.

‘Chaplaincy’ covers a wide range of things that we do at the Academy, from daily Collective Worship, to charity and community work, to pastoral care. Chaplaincy is for everyone, of all faiths and none, of any background, culture, age or ability. Chaplaincy seeks to help students understand more about themselves, about others, about the world around them and about God. It encourages questioning, deep thinking and self-reflection. All students engage with Chaplaincy when we gather to learn and reflect each morning, but some students may also engage further through 1-1 support, group work and social action opportunities.

Each half term we support a particular charity and we try to ensure that these include local, international, Christian and secular charities such as Nugent Care, Alder Hey and the Trussell Trust (Foodbank). There may be other one-off appeals throughout the year for a particular crisis or event within our community. Students are always keen to be involved in planning our charity events and I am continually amazed at the generosity of our community to give to others in need. It’s been great to have representatives from some of these charities come to school and talk about their work, and students have also been able to visit certain charities, such as the local Foodbank, to see first-hand the impact of their generosity.

Our local community is really important to us at the Academy of St Nicholas. We have close links with many of the local primary schools and I regularly visit these to lead Collective Worship and build relationships with students. Covid has prevented this recently but we love to put on events to serve our wider community, such as our Christmas lunch, busking at Garston market and holiday clubs for younger children. As a school we try to help those in need in our community through food parcels, Christmas hampers and signposting to further support. We have fantastic links with local churches of various denominations including All Saints, St Aidan’s and St Ambrose in Speke, St Michael’s and Long Lane in Garston and Freedom Church in Childwall. Members of these churches, and others, form a 30-strong Chaplaincy Team who support the school through volunteering, prayer and crisis funding.

Mission Statement

The Sponsors’ mission is that the The Academy of St Nicholas equips all members of its learning community with the values, skills and attributes they will need for personal success and well-being in a multi-cultural society and global economy.

Also to significantly contribute to community cohesion and regeneration as a centre of learning to provide support, training and business opportunities for the benefit of all local people.

The Enjoyment of Learning, the opportunities provided through the Enterprise and Business and Languages for Business specialisms and a culture that reflects Christian Values and Principles are the core characteristics of the Academy. These complementary core elements, along with efficient and effective stewardship of the Academy by Governors and staff, are evident in everything the Academy does and represents.

Our Vision

The Sponsors’ overriding vision is for the Academy to be an outstanding learning community and resource for South Liverpool, bringing together communities from diverse backgrounds in an innovative and exciting environment; providing high quality education and facilities for students, families and the wider community. It will be a place where there are high aspirations of and by everyone and where students of all backgrounds, beliefs and abilities will be welcomed, respected, supported and encouraged to fulfil their individual potential

The Academy dedicates itself to innovation and excellence, and to ensuring:

  • The Academy’s community is one that promotes Christian values, mutual civility among different groups and respect for diversity, welcoming students and families of all faiths and none and serving the whole community.
  • The provision of the right curriculum so everyone has access to the best possible curriculum that suits their needs and aspirations, allowing them to achieve the highest possible standards.
  • Everyone receives the highest quality teaching and a variety of learning experiences that are enjoyable, relevant, motivating and challenging.
  • Everyone receives the best learning support and guidance to ensure both educational progress and personal and social development in preparation for the life after school.
  • Everyone experiences learning in a transformational learning environment which is secure, supportive and stimulating.
  • Members of the local community are actively involved as partners in the Academy which will aim to raise community aspirations and provide new opportunities for work, leisure and local regeneration.
  • Governors, individual members of staff and other interested parties exercise stewardship of the Academy’s resources in an efficient and effective way ensuring regularity and propriety at all times.