The Speke school bus will take the following route at the following times:


Stop 1 – East Millwood Road bus stop at 8:05am

Stop 2 – Eastern Avenue first bus stop at 8:07am

Stop 3 – Eastern Avenue /Alder Wood Avenue at 8.08am

Stop 4 – Heathgate (St Ambrose) at 8:10am

Stop 5 – Central Way / Oldbridge Road bus stop at 8.12am

Stop 6 – Little Heath Road /Central way bus stop at 8.15am

Stop 7 – Central Avenue (by Sure Start) Tewitt Hall Road at 8:17am

Stop 8 – Central Avenue / Linner Road at 8.18am

Stop 9 – Tewit Hall Road / All Saints road at 8:20am

Stop 10 – Hale Road – All Saints church at 8.23am

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