Vision statement
“To inspire and develop students to think critically when creating and using technology. This will also build students resilience when developing programs and different types of media for different scenarios. This will therefore get students ready for the world of work”

Within BTEC DIT, students will be taught a lot of real world topics within 2 pieces of coursework and 1 exam. This will enable students to have good ICT skills which will enable them to undertake most ICT related tasks for most jobs. The topics that will be covered are as follows:

Within Computer Science, students are required to sit 2 x 90 minute exam papers to gain the full GCSE. Paper 1 is about the main architecture of a computer system with making reference to how it processes information and what impact it has on the environment. Within paper 2, students are required to solve problems using computational logic. Within this paper, the second half of the paper will require the students to create algorithms for specific problems. This will incorporate a lot of programming theory that has been taught throughout this course.

OCR Creative iMedia is a course that is equips students with the wide range of knowledge and skills needed to work in the creative digital media sector. They start at pre-production and develop their skills through practical assignments as they create final multimedia products. The units are designed to engage students with everything media based including how movies are made and how to use industry standard pieces of software.

If you have any questions regarding our curriculum offer, please contact:

Mr G. Lloyd