At The Academy of St. Nicholas we work very hard to support the children in our partner primaries, making the move from Year 6 to Year 7 a happy and stress-free experience. We provide a number of opportunities for parents and students to experience Academy life and for everyone to become familiar with our staff and building. Here, you will find all of the relevant information to support you and your child to make an informed decision.

We understand that this is one of the most important decisions that you and your child will make. We are a school for students of all faiths and none, we have an intake of 180 students annually. Our Academy has agreed to follow the coordinated admission arrangements determined by Liverpool City Council. You should follow Liverpool City Council’s guidance and adhere to their deadlines. Please explore the following links which will give you an insight to our Academy. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for answers to your important questions.

Welcome Letter

Please find below a Welcome Letter relating to our Year 7 Admissions.

Welcome Letter – Class of 2027: 2021 Applications

Links To Local Authorities

Please find below the relevant links to our local and surrounding Local Authority website. All parents / carers of current Year 6 students should apply for a place in their chosen secondary school by completing the relevant Local Authority Admission Form. The deadline for these applications to be submitted is the end of October and you should ensure that you adhere to this deadline. If you would like to apply for a place at The Academy of St. Nicholas, you are required to complete the Liverpool Local Authority Council’s Application Form.

Add the links to the councils

Add the links to the councils

Add the links to the councils

Academy Application Process for Year 7 students and Transition Information

Our Academy has agreed to follow the coordinated arrangements determined by Liverpool City Council.

Please visit THIS PAGE to complete your application form. If you have missed the Autumn deadline set by the Local Authority, you are still able to submit a late application via their website. You will receive confirmation of which secondary school your child has been allocated in March and we will be delighted if your child is allocated to our Academy. On receiving this confirmation from the Local Authority you must complete the Local Authorities online form or paper form detailing your decision of whether to accept a place, decline or appeal to the Local Authority.

During this time, we will contact you to inform you of our process. We will send you our application form to complete which can be found below. We will then invite you into the Academy for a one-to-one meeting with a member of the Transition Team in order to learn more about your child and answer any questions that you may have.

These meeting take place in May and June. We will receive a Transition Form from your child’s current primary school which will provide us with some essential information to ensure a smooth transition into secondary school. Your child will hopefully participate in the City-wide Year 6 Transition Day which ‘normally’ takes place in July. In 2020 we had to complete this virtually.

Academy Admission Policy

Academy Application Form

Please see our policies HERE

Academy Prospectus

We are currently updating our Academy Prospectus. We will add this to the site shortly.

Academy Routines and Timings of the Day

Here at The Academy of St. Nicholas we pride ourselves in preparing students for their future, whether that be at university, the world of work or an apprenticeship. One way that we do this is to ensure that all of our students understand why we have routines.

When students walk around the Academy, they are expected to walk quietly and on the left-hand side of stairwells and communal areas.

Students queue respectfully to access our hospitality facilities and all parents /carers are allocated with a Parent Pay Account to add funds to their child’s account. We operate a cashless service within the Academy.

Our students always show all members of our community respect. Member of our community include other students’, visitors to the Academy, hospitality/catering staff, cleaning staff, support and teaching staff.

Due the current Covid 19 circumstances all students are required to wear face masks when moving around communal areas within the Academy.

Our Academy Timetable is: · Covid 19 Timetable here – add the tt

Pre-Covid 19 Timetable here – add tt

All students are required to bring a waterproof bag to school which should be black or purple and able to carry A4 books.

Fashion style bags and handbags are NOT permitted.

Students are required to always have the following equipment with them:

  • Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Green pens;
  • Pencil, Rubber and Ruler;
  • Maths equipment including a calculator.


Academy Videos

Below is a selection of video’s that will give you an insight into our Academy.

Our Prospectus Promotional Video

Form Tutor Video

Chaplaincy Video

Our SENCO Video

Expectations and Class Charts Video

The Academy produced by Sixth Form ICT Students

Primary Transition Video

Hospitality & Catering

Our students enjoy a wide range of hospitality and catering within the Academy.

Each morning students can enjoy a Magic Breakfast which is free to them.

At break time students can select from a range of hot and cold items such as bagels, pain au chocolat, toast, yoghurts, fruit.

During our lunch service students can access a hot meal or sandwich served at our takeaway counter.

· Typical Menu – link?

The Academy operates a cashless service and you will be issued with a Parent Pay account as part of our transition process.

Here, you will be able to top up your child’s account in order for them to access our hospitality and catering services.

Click HERE to view our Parent Pay Information

If your child is entitled to Free School Meals then you must apply for this via the Local Authority.

You can access more information HERE an applying using the online form HERE


Welcome Letter

Our Head of Departments are currently updating their Key Stage Learning Journey Overviews.

Please see our Geography Learning Journey below as an example.

Geography Learning Journey

Extra-curricular Clubs

Our extra-curricular clubs have been reduced this year due to the impact of Covid-19.

However, please see a typical extra-curricular clubs timetable which we hope to re-introduce soon.


Transport to and from the Academy

Travelling to and from the Academy can take place in many ways.

We always encourage our students to use environmentally friendly means of travelling to and from the Academy where possible.

During the current pandemic, we encourage all students that are using public transport to follow Government guidance at all times in order to keep themselves and others around them safe.

Whilst students are travelling to and from the Academy, they represent the Academy, and we are proud that they conduct themselves respectfully and show compassion to others around them.

All requests for School Bus Passes must be made to the Local Authority and not the Academy.

You can find more government information on Free School transport HERE

or from the City Council HERE

Those students travelling from the Speke area may be able to access our Academy Bus.

This is prioritised for younger students and has a bookable system which will be live in May 2021 for students starting in September 2021.

The Speke school bus will take the following route at the following times:

Stop 1 – East Millwood Road bus stop at 8:05am

Stop 2 – Eastern Avenue first bus stop at 8:07am

Stop 3 – Eastern Avenue /Alder Wood Avenue at 8.08am

Stop 4 – Heathgate (St Ambrose) at 8:10am

Stop 5 – Central Way / Oldbridge Road bus stop at 8.12am

Stop 6 – Little Heath Road /Central way bus stop at 8.15am

Stop 7 – Central Avenue (by Sure Start) Tewitt Hall Road at 8:17am

Stop 8 – Central Avenue / Linner Road at 8.18am

Stop 9 – Tewit Hall Road / All Saints road at 8:20am

Stop 10 – Hale Road – All saints church at 8.23am

Transport Poster

Road safety is very important and embedded within our curriculum.

Please watch the suggested short videos with your child to prepare them for secondary school.

We encourage all students to use the pedestrian crossing on Horrocks Avenue when crossing the road.

his is particularly important as young people are one of the most vulnerable road users, especially when traveling to and from school.

Please find below a Department of Transport factsheet with some facts HERE.


Our students take pride in their presentation and our uniform is very comfortable.

Visit our Uniform page HERE for more information about it

Letters From Our Current Year 7 Students

Our students know what you are going through right now and wanted to offer you a few words of support. Please see their letters below.