In Year Transfer – Liverpool School to The Academy of St. Nicholas

Thank you for expressing an interest in transferring into The Academy of St. Nicholas. The information detailed on this page is only relevant if you are a parent / carer of a child who is currently in Year 7 to Year 11 and attending a Liverpool Secondary School or if you are a member of staff responsible for Admissions in a Liverpool Secondary School and you have a child who would like to leave your school. Information for Parents If for whatever reason you are considering removing your child from their current school and would like to explore whether there is a place at the Academy of St. Nicholas then you must liaise with your child’s current school in the first instance. Your child’s current school will be able to assist you and your child in resolving any issues that your child may be experiencing. The staff within your child’s current school have several strategies that they will be able to employ.

If, however, you feel that you have explore all strategies with your child’s current school or have simply moved closer to The Academy of St Nicholas then you must the relevant member of staff at your child’s current school to complete the necessary paperwork.

They will complete and send the following to our dedicated email address which is including;

  1. In Year Transfer From
  2. Attendance Logs
  3. Achievement Logs
  4. Behaviour Logs
  5. Progress Repots

It is vital that you sign the In Year Transfer Form before your child’s current school send the paperwork to The Academy due to GDPR.

Unfortunately, the Academy is not able to inform you day by day if we have places in a particular year group because we may already have applications in process.

Information for Secondary School Staff

Please send the following to if you have a student that would like to Transfer into The Academy of St. Nicholas.

Please do not send this information to the enquiries email address or any Head’s of Year. Please include;

  1. In Year Transfer Form
  2. Attendance Log for this year and previous year
  3. Achievement Log for this year and previous year
  4. Behaviour Log for this year and previous year
  5. Progress Reports for this year and previous year

Please ensure that you send this information from whichever sources that you record them on, for example SIMS, Class Charts or any other external programme.