BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care 

Health and Social Care allows students to look at the health and social care sectors through the eyes of both the patient and the professional. Throughout the course, students investigate how human development is affected by different factors, and how different people deal with life events. You will explore practically, the range of health and social care services, and how they meet the needs of real life service users. Throughout the course you will study the values of care in health and social care settings, and see how these are applied. Finally, students will gain knowledge of health and wellbeing, and have the opportunity to design a health and wellbeing plan based on a given case study  

If you are thinking of any kind of career in the health or social care sector, this course is a fantastic opportunity to explore the requirements of employees who work within it, it is also a brilliant opportunity to delve further into the world of health and social care settings, and understand the array of careers and opportunities available to you.  

Within the Health and Social Care course, you will be assessed through three units, two internally assessed units, where you will produce high quality coursework and be given the opportunity to create role play situations to show off your communication skills! You will also be assessed through one external unit, a 2 hour controlled assessment. 

Component 1: Human Lifespan Development  

How do people grow and develop through their lives? How can factors such as lifestyle choices and relationships affect this? Understanding these processes is essential knowledge and understanding for health and social care practitioners. In this component, you will study how people grow and develop over the course of their life, from infancy to old age, this includes physical, intellectual, emotional and social development, and the different factors that may affect them. An individual’s development can be affected by major life events, such as marriage, parenthood or moving house, and you will learn about how people adapt to these changes, as well as the types and sources of support that can help them. 

Component 2: Health and Social Care Services and Values  

If you are going to succeed as an entrepreneur or as an innovator in business, you need to have great ideas and plan how you are going to put them into practice. Any enterprise needs to plan how it will succeed through working out how it can harness physical, financial and human resources – which means the skills that you and others bring. An entrepreneur will also have to pitch their ideas to an audience in order to secure funding. In this component, you will use the research knowledge gained from Component 1 to consider a number of ideas before developing a plan for a realistic micro-enterprise activity. You will have the opportunity to plan how best to set up the chosen enterprise and how to fund it. You will need to take responsibility for creating and then delivering a pitch for your developed idea to an audience using your knowledge of business, and demonstrating entrepreneurial characteristics, qualities and skills. In the final part of the component you will use feedback to review your plan and pitch for the micro-enterprise activity, reflecting on your plan, your pitch and the skills you demonstrated when pitching. 

Component 3: Health and Wellbeing  

The performance of an enterprise can be affected by both internal and external factors. To monitor and improve an enterprise’s performance, you need to be aware of the impact of these factors and the strategies you can use to make the most of opportunities and minimise any threats. In this component, you will assess and analyse financial information in an enterprise context to monitor the performance of an enterprise and strategies to improve its performance. You will investigate cash flow forecasts and statements, exploring the effects that positive and negative cash flow can have on an enterprise, and suggesting ways to improve them. You will consider the different elements of the promotional mix in order to be able to identify target markets and put forward strategies that enterprises can use to increase their success in the future. 


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