The Art department is an area of excellence and has a strong team spirit.  The aim of the department is to develop the confidence of students and allow them to explore different issues in a creative and imaginative way.  We believe that Art and Design is a unique subject combining visual, emotional, expressive, conceptual and tactile experiences. 



Students get the opportunity to explore different issues and themes throughout the three years.  This process allows students to become independent thinkers, to be more aware of their culture and environment and those around them.  Students are encouraged to make decisions and work through problems finding their own individual reaction and responses.  The curriculum is diverse to allow free expression and access to all students regardless of ability.  Working in groups, pairs, as a whole class and independently students are able to develop their social skills.  We have a programme of visiting artists and community projects taking place throughout the year and a number of competitions and exhibitions involving all students.  Visits to Art Galleries and Museums enhance the learning experience. 


AQA GCSE Art and Design is a broad course in which students can explore and develop the different endorsements which are photography, textiles, fine art and 3 Dimensional work.  This course focuses on ability.  They will be given a theme to develop a personal response to and explore as well as investigate different materials and techniques.  The course involves Unit 1: Portfolio (Coursework 60%) and Unit 2: Externally Set Exam (40%) 10 Hours. 


OCR Advanced GCE in Fine Art: Students will use a range of approaches to recording images, such as observation, analysis expression and imagination.  They will gain an understanding of conventions and genres, such as figurative, abstract and symbolic.  Throughout the year they will use a range of techniques such as painting, print making, photography and textiles.  Students are given a theme and have to develop a meaning through visual exploration within their own personal and social context.  Students will also have to produce a supporting study of 3,000 words max.  The course involves Coursework which is worth 60% and the Externally set task is worth 40%.  The Externally set task is 15 hours, students will have 8 weeks to produce research, developmental work and ideas. 

You can find more information about the curriculum the school is following by contacting Mr Lloyd by email or calling 0151 230 2570.