Transport to and from the Academy

Travelling to and from the Academy can take place in many ways.

We always encourage our students to use environmentally friendly means of travelling to and from the Academy where possible.

During the current pandemic, we encourage all students that are using public transport to follow Government guidance at all times in order to keep themselves and others around them safe.

Whilst students are travelling to and from the Academy, they represent the Academy, and we are proud that they conduct themselves respectfully and show compassion to others around them.

All requests for School Bus Passes must be made to the Local Authority and not the Academy.

You can find more government information on Free School transport HERE

or from the City Council HERE

Those students travelling from the Speke area may be able to access our Academy Bus.

This is prioritised for younger students and has a bookable system which will be live in May 2021 for students starting in September 2021.

The Speke school bus will take the following route at the following times:

Stop 1 – East Millwood Road bus stop at 8:05am

Stop 2 – Eastern Avenue first bus stop at 8:07am

Stop 3 – Eastern Avenue /Alder Wood Avenue at 8.08am

Stop 4 – Heathgate (St Ambrose) at 8:10am

Stop 5 – Central Way / Oldbridge Road bus stop at 8.12am

Stop 6 – Little Heath Road /Central way bus stop at 8.15am

Stop 7 – Central Avenue (by Sure Start) Tewitt Hall Road at 8:17am

Stop 8 – Central Avenue / Linner Road at 8.18am

Stop 9 – Tewit Hall Road / All Saints road at 8:20am

Stop 10 – Hale Road – All saints church at 8.23am

Transport Poster

Road safety is very important and embedded within our curriculum.

Please watch the suggested short videos with your child to prepare them for secondary school.

We encourage all students to use the pedestrian crossing on Horrocks Avenue when crossing the road.

his is particularly important as young people are one of the most vulnerable road users, especially when traveling to and from school.

Please find below a Department of Transport factsheet with some facts HERE.