Academy Routines & Timings of the day

Here at The Academy of St. Nicholas we pride ourselves in preparing students for their future, whether that be at university, the world of work or an apprenticeship. One way that we do this is to ensure that all of our students understand why we have routines.

When students walk around the Academy, they are expected to walk quietly and on the left-hand side of stairwells and communal areas.

Students queue respectfully to access our hospitality facilities and all parents /carers are allocated with a Parent Pay Account to add funds to their child’s account. We operate a cashless service within the Academy.

Our students always show all members of our community respect. Member of our community include other students’, visitors to the Academy, hospitality/catering staff, cleaning staff, support and teaching staff.

Due the current Covid 19 circumstances all students are required to wear face masks when moving around communal areas within the Academy.

Our Academy Timetable is: · Covid 19 Timetable here – add the tt

Pre-Covid 19 Timetable here – add tt

All students are required to bring a waterproof bag to school which should be black or purple and able to carry A4 books.

Fashion style bags and handbags are NOT permitted.

Students are required to always have the following equipment with them:

  • Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Green pens;
  • Pencil, Rubber and Ruler;
  • Maths equipment including a calculator.