Academy Application Process For Year 7 Students & Transition Information

Our Academy has agreed to follow the coordinated arrangements determined by Liverpool City Council.

Please visit THIS PAGE to complete your application form. If you have missed the Autumn deadline set by the Local Authority, you are still able to submit a late application via their website. You will receive confirmation of which secondary school your child has been allocated in March and we will be delighted if your child is allocated to our Academy. On receiving this confirmation from the Local Authority you must complete the Local Authorities online form or paper form detailing your decision of whether to accept a place, decline or appeal to the Local Authority.

During this time, we will contact you to inform you of our process. We will send you our application form to complete which can be found below. We will then invite you into the Academy for a one-to-one meeting with a member of the Transition Team in order to learn more about your child and answer any questions that you may have.

These meeting take place in May and June. We will receive a Transition Form from your child’s current primary school which will provide us with some essential information to ensure a smooth transition into secondary school. Your child will hopefully participate in the City-wide Year 6 Transition Day which ‘normally’ takes place in July. In 2020 we had to complete this virtually.

Academy Admission Policy

Academy Application Form

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