Mrs J Sing


Mr G Lloyd

Senior Deputy Head

Mr A Robinson

Deputy Head

Miss S Riley

Deputy Headteacher/ SENCO


Mr M Kealey

Mr D Robinson


Mrs D Holmes

Mr G Sibbald

Pastoral Leadership Team
Miss P Yarwood Pastoral Lead Y7
Miss M Cummins Pastoral Manager Y7
Mr M Sweeney Pastoral Lead Y8
Mr S Corrigan Pastoral Lead Y9
Mrs L Roberts Pastoral Manager Y8/Y9
Mr M Smith Pastoral Lead Y10
Mr A Rooney Pastoral Lead Y11
Mrs L Earl Pastoral Manager Y10/Y11

A. Lewis Head of English
D. Carney Head of KS4 English
J. Watts Head of KS3 English
B. Kady Literacy Lead
C. Healey Teacher of English
M. Duffin Teacher of English
J. Lewis Teacher of English
A. Bannister Head of Mathematics
L. Regan Head of KS4 Mathematics
M. Sweeney Teacher of Mathematics (PL Year 8)
H. O’Connor Teacher of Mathematics
M. Sherry Head of KS3 Mathematics
A. Flower Teacher of Mathematics
R. Savory Teacher of Mathematics
Z. Zhoula Teacher of Mathematics
A. Robinson Teacher of Mathematics (SLT)
D. Lavelle Director of Science
R. Alderson Assistant Head of Science
J. Wilkinson Teacher of Science
D. McNamara Teacher of Science
L. Grbyz Teacher of Science
A. Zahid Teacher of Science
N. Maxsouris Teacher of Science
R. Scott Director of Religion
L. Neild Teacher of Religion
R. Billington Teacher of Religion
P. Yarwood Teacher of Religion (PL Y7)
H. Harmon Teacher of Religion
Social Sciences
L. Hafez Head of Social Sciences
R. Billington Teacher of Social Sciences
C. Kane Teacher of Social Sciences (Assistant Head of 6th Form)
D. Holmes Teacher of Social Sciences (SLT)
L. Bainbridge Head of MFL
R. Blanco Teacher of MFL
S. Riley Teacher of MFL (SLT)
E. Stephan Teacher of MFL
G. Lloyd Teacher of MFL (SLT)
H. Dunning Head of History
M. Welch Teacher of History
Physical Education
S. Berry Head of Physical Education
S. Corrigan Teacher of Physical Education (PL Y9)
A. McCarthy Sports coach
Art, Design & Technology
L. Hughes Head of Art & Design
K. Bell Head of D & T
E. Robinson Teacher of ADT
B. Broadbent Teacher of ADT
D. Goodman Head of Computing
A. Rooney Teacher of Computing (PL Y11)
G. Sibbald Teacher of Computing (SLT)
M. Kealey Teacher of Computing (SLT)
Performing Arts (Drama & Music)
C. Taylor Head of Performing Arts
F. Dermott Teacher of Performing Arts
T. O'Dowd Head of Georgraphy
D. Robinson Teacher of Geography (SLT)
M. Smith Teacher of Geography (PL Y10)
Curriculum for Life
P. Yarwood Head of CfL

Sarah Joy Gillard Chaplain
Teaching Assistants
Antony Purcell Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Dawn Bibbey Learning Support Coordinator
Anne Boothroyd Learning Support Assistant
Maryam Esmaeily Learning Support Assistant
Amanda O'Leary Learning Support Assistant
Ann Murphy Learning Support Assistant
Ifrah Wahidi Learning Support Assistant
Eilleen Evans Learning Support Assistant
Student Support Centre
Detrix Tomlinson Student Support Coordinator and Mental Health Lead
Cheryl McMichan Behaviour and Learning mentor
Technical Support
Wayne Williamson Senior Science Technician
Kevin Barber D&T Technician
Pasquale Greco IT Technician
Emma Maddocks Attendance Officer
Linda Farrelly Safeguarding Lead
Mary Woods Data & Exams Officer
Janet McLeod Admin Officer / PA to Headteacher/ Clerk to the Governors
Lauren Wilkinson Student Services Officer
Diane Ambrose Clerical Assistant / Receptionist
Linda Pimblett Clerical Assistant / Receptionist
Louise Eves Clerical Assistant / Receptionist
Catering & Facilities
Kirsty Parker Catering Manager
Lynda Flynn Catering Assistant
Gail Burton Catering Assistant
Patricia Chalkey Catering Assistant
Ann Dooley Catering Assistant
Linda Dring Catering Assistant
Adele Terry Catering Assistant
Lynda Flynn Catering Assistant
Sandra Jennings Catering Assistant
Diane Maire Catering Assistant
Janet McCoy Catering Assistant
Michael Lynch Premises Assistant
Stephen Donlevy Premises Assistant