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We strongly believe that homework and independent learning is an integral part of the learning process for all our students and it is pivotal in ensuring success. Research has shown that 78% of students who complete regular homework achieve at least one grade higher at GCSE than comparable students who do not. (Department of Education, 2014) It is, therefore, fitting that parents, students and staff have an agreed understanding of requirements.

Homework should consist of meaningful and worthwhile tasks or projects designed to extend the learning of the student outside the classroom.

We believe that homework should:

  • Form a vital bridge between the Academy and home, between parents/carers and teachers
  • Offer students a chance to reflect on and build on class work
  • Offer the opportunity to practice new skills
  • Enable students to read around their subject
  • Enable students to prepare for new work
  • Enable students to work at their own pace
  • Be designed to extend and challenge the learning of others
  • Develop the independent learner

Homework Timetable:

The amount of homework is dependent on the year of your child and the curriculum they are following. If your child has several tasks due in on the same day, suggest they space the work out rather than leave it all until the night before. If your child needs extra help or time, they must see their teacher in good time to arrange this – this is significant in terms of coursework deadlines (see coursework section). If a student fails to complete the homework and/or coursework on time then the teacher will follow the homework/coursework protocol.


Core Subjects: With the core subjects, Mathematics, English and Science homework is set weekly with a recommended completion time of 40 minutes to 1 hour

Non-Core:  Homework will be set fortnightly with a recommended completion time of 40minutes.


All subjects will provide one homework per week with a recommended completion time of one hour.


Failure to submit homework completed to a sufficient standard by the requested deadline will result in the issuing of a detention allowing sufficient time for the completion of the work. If this is persistent or across multiple subjects the issue will be escalated accordingly.

Homework lunch and after school clubs are available everyday to help support students in the completion of their work.

Finally, we are aware that homework can occasionally cause anxiety with some students and families. We aim to provide as much support as possible in our Study Support Clubs are provided each day at lunch time and after school. If you or your son/daughter are concerned please do not hesitate in contacting the academy to arrange support via their Head of Year.

Extra-curricular Clubs

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The extra-curricular life of the Academy is rich and varied. We offer students a wide range of activities extra to the normal timetable, either at lunch time or after school, providing pupils the opportunity to meet, teach and learn from each other in a relaxed and perhaps less academic atmosphere. Along with a range of subject activities your child can pursue their interests in:

•         Football

•         Athletics

•         Netball

•         Trampolining

•         Dance / Fitness

•         Duke of Edinburgh Award

•         Music

•         Cricket

•         Basketball

•         Badminton

•         Rounders

•         ICT/Computing

•         Drama

•         Maths

•         English

•         Science