Interactive Study Skills session sends Year 11 off for a revision filled Christmas break

Sometimes we all get stuck! With so much to learn and retain for the new style GCSE’s students themselves, in student voice, stated that they find it hard to revise the sheer amount of information they need to. an As a result of students’ requests for additional study skills training, a festive morning of revision techniques accompanied by hot chocolate really got St Nicholas brains working. Mrs St John, Mr Kealey, Mrs Bainbridge and Miss Fillingham set about researching the most appropriate techniques based upon research by Honey and Mumford (Learning Styles), Mike Hughes (The Magenta Principles) and Richard Semens (Theory of Memory) and delivered four workshops on:

  1. Revision cards: 
    The focus of the revision cards is to order, chunk and refine information gathering important and key information. This can be used to then expand information incorporating key skills learned in lessons and is a successful metacognitive technique. One of the focus for the 2 revision cards sessions was to sort information into categories, the stuff I know, the stuff I need to practice and the stuff I really don’t know. This helps to really sort out key revision without wasting time
  2. Mind maps:
    The focus of mind mapping is to condense and summarise information representing information pictorially. This is an effective means of increasing memory through metacognitive activities and visual representations.
  3. Note taking:
    Designed to ensure that students can effectively understand the main points of texts and obtain specific information through detailed reading. Students were trained to use organisational features to locate key information within extended texts.

The session finished with a demo of the GCSE 9-1 App to organise revision right up until the first exam begins. Students went home with folders packed with hints, tips, a study skills pack, a comprehensive guide to each exam paper in every subject and a pile of stationary and revision cards to last them well into the New Year. To view the image Gallery for this event click HERE

Student feedback:

Students responded really well to these sessions and stated:

“I have learned to revise in a more effective and simplistic way” - Rachel

“I have learned new techniques and understand how I will use them for different subjects” – Erin

“I feel more confident that I can revise effectively at home” – Abinayan

“Please can we have more sessions like this”- Katie


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