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Kwame Discussionas

On Thursday 18th October, I attended the Bank of England’s Future Forum event at St. George's Hall with two A-Level maths students, Kwame Bingham and Joshua Germano.

The purpose of the Future Forum is for the Bank of England to make economics more accessible to the general public and to get young people's views on the economy.

On arrival, we were treated to a buffet lunch, before being invited by Marco, an employee of the Bank, to sit as his table as he was keen to have young people views represented on his table during the afternoon. This was a fantastic opportunity and Josh and Kwame wasted no time in asking Marco about the role of the Bank of England and his own role within the Institution, including his academic background. Also sat around our table were other economists and a Swiss journalist.

The Governor of the Bank of England opened the forum and then we were introduced to the four Deputy Governors and the Director of Operations who were to make up the day's panel. Given our position at the front of the hall, Kwame was made timekeeper for the opening addresses by the panel members and was under strict instructions to shout, 'Stop!' if they went over time. Quite a daunting task given the scale of the event!

Each Deputy Governor gave a brief summary of their role at the Bank and then asked the floor for questions, just like BBC's Question Time! Josh was first on his feet to ask a question regarding inflation and interest rates.

Following the Q and A sessions we carried out some workshop activities on our table, I was very proud of some of the mature and insightful comments from both Josh and Kwame during these discussions. I know the other adults around the table were also impressed by some of the comments they made regarding their thoughts on what the economy meant to them.

The afternoon proved to be an amazing experience for Kwame and Josh and we were privileged to attend such a high profile event.

Written by Mrs Cheryl Hodgkinson, a teacher of maths at our school.

To see more images from the event CLICK HERE

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