The Law department provides students with the opportunity to explore the main principles of English Law.  We believe that it is important to have some understanding of the laws that can directly affect us as individuals and society.  Students will study the institutions, principles, procedures and methodology appropriate to the study of English Law at both GCSE and A Level.



AQA GCSE Law gives students an understanding of the role of Law in today’s society.  In addition to helping students to acquire subject knowledge, studying Law helps to develop skills of selection, analysis, critical thinking and decision making, and an awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals.  The GCSE provides a broad foundation of both knowledge and skills for the continuing study of Law at AS or A2, where certain areas can be studied in greater depth.  Students who do not intend to carry on studying
Law will nevertheless gain skills and knowledge which can usefully be carried forward into other fields of study and the world of work.
Students will be required to sit two exams and the details of these are below.
  • Unit 1 - The English Legal System
    Written Paper - 1 hour 30 mins - 90 marks - 50%
  • Unit 2 - Law in Action
    Written Paper - 1 hour 30 mins - 90 marks - 50%


AQA Law: AQA Law explores both the Civil and Criminal aspects of Law with students sitting two exams as part of the AS course; Law Making and Legal Systems and the Concept of Liability.  The A2 Law curriculum requires students to investigate two of the three units; Criminal Law; Law of Tort or Concepts of Law.  There are two exams; in A2.


Miss C. Hughes - Head of Department
Mr J. Mannouch

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