Economics looks at a primary goal in all our lives - how to get resources (or money) and how to use them (or spend it).  It examines this question from the point of view of individuals, who get money mostly from working or from benefits, and from the view of society where government taxes us and spends the money on our behalf.


AS Subject content
Paper 1 – The operation of markets and market failure
  • Economic methodology
  • The allocation of resources in competitive markets
  • Production and efficiency
  • Government intervention in markets
Paper 2 –The measurement of economic Performance
  • The measurement of macroeconomic performance
  • How the macroeconomy Works
  • Macroeconomic policy
  • Economic performance
A-level Subject content
Paper 1 – Individuals, firms, markets and market failure
Paper 2 – The National and International Economy
Paper 3 – Economic Principals and issues
Students will study two units for AS and a further three units for A-level.  In the first year you will have two papers to complete which have written elements, multiple choice questions and data response questions and each paper accounts for 50% of the marks for AS.  In year two each paper is worth 33.3% of the marks for A-level.  There is no assessed coursework in AS or A-level Economics.


Mrs D. Holmes - Head of Department
Miss L. Edwards

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