The ICT/Computing department strive to ensure that all students obtain a certified qualification in ICT by the end of KS4.  We aim to develop practical skills and theoretical knowledge that will equip students for the demands for ICT skills in the 21st century.  ICT is a broad subject that equips learners to use technology effectively in their lives – whether it is for personal, educational, community, social or business purposes.  Our subjects are hugely popular, and achieve outstanding examination grades every year.



Within KS3 we follow the computing curriculum with innovation and student engagement a primary focus.  At KS3 it is vital that we develop the skills in the use of software, theoretical content and the basics of computing to ensure ease of access to the KS4 curriculum.  We have developed the curriculum to ensure that students have the highest possible levels of skills, technical understanding and digital literacy.  The programme of study encapsulates both technical and creative uses of ICT along with the more academic elements of computer science.


  • BTEC Level 2 Digital Information Technology 

    We offer a GCSE equivalent course of study. This is an applied course that allows for the development of practical skills and general knowledge in relation to the world of work. There is a written examination worth 40% of the overall grade. The other 60% is covered by two separate coursework units based around the use of data in large organisations, and making user interfaces (each worth 30%).

  • OCR GCSE Computing: A mixture of academic and practical content that will equip students to pursue a career in computer science or an ICT related field.


  • OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Information & Communication Technology: This course provides a mixture of academic and practical content.  Students enjoy the opportunity to apply theoretical content to a practical context.
  • OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Digital Media: A design orientated course that allows students to apply ICT Skills in a real world design context. You will also learn how the media industry works and develop your own portfolio and resumé.  A very popular choice amongst our Sixth Form students.
  • OCR A-level Computing: A thorough and extremely academic course examining all areas of Computer Science and Programming techniques.


Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Year 7 Online World Programming Basics Hardware/Software
Year 8 Intermediate Programming Computer Systems Website Development
Year 9 CIDA – Level 1 Graphics CIDA – Level 1 Graphics CIDA – Level 1


Year 10 CIDA – Level 2

Design/ Create Graphics

CIDA – Level 2


CIDA – Level 2

Exam Practice

Year 11 BTEC Theory – Online World BTEC coursework – Spreadsheets


You can find more information about the curriculum the school is following by contacting Mr Lloyd by email or calling 0151 230 2570.