The Academy Prayers


In support of the Academy’s mission, the Academy is committed to the development of confident, independent and responsible students who are emotionally and spiritually strong, welcoming and tolerant of all cultures and communities and committed to the stewardship of the environment.

Our Academy Values

The Academy of St Nicholas is a welcoming, calm and purposeful Academy where everyone feels valued, supported and challenged. Our Academy is a place where students’ desire for learning and achievement is met by the passionate commitment of all the staff to the The Academy of St Nicholas.

Through the provision of engaging, creative and imaginative curriculum we see our students grow in self esteem and learn to become articulate, mature and independent learners who appreciate the needs of others and understand the value of teamwork and partnership. They also develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Meet Our Chaplain


Read a five minute interview with Rev. Andrew Colmer,

The Academy of Saint Nicholas’s full-time Chaplain:

How long have you been with The Academy of Saint Nicholas?

I joined the Academy in November 2010 and worked across both original sites until we moved into our fantastic new building.

Where else have you worked? Have you previously worked in a school?

As a student I studied Marketing and Law at university and then worked for Sainsbury’s for four years in Customer Service before training for the Anglican ministry at St John’s College Nottingham. I then worked in parishes and churches in Roby, Bootle and most recently as Vicar of All Souls on Mather Avenue.  During my time at All Souls I took regular assemblies at Springwood Heath Primary and served as a school governor at two local schools.

How does your role with The Academy of Saint Nicholas  compare with roles you’ve held before?

It’s different in some ways but similar in others. Although I work closely with the students I’m also here to support the Academy staff as well. I enjoy working with people and find playing an active role in the school community hugely rewarding, even though it’s completely hectic from 8am until late!

Do you enjoy working in a school? What’s the best bit?

I do enjoy it a great deal. Whilst I was based at All Souls in Springwood I became a governor of New Heys High School (one of two schools the academy replaced in 2010) and was involved in the discussions around the formation of the Academy. I feel very fortunate to know both the organisation and the local community so well, I feel at home here. My greatest pleasure is seeing how our students respond to what we do here and blossom into young adults.

What might a typical day look like at school?

I like to greet students in the morning as they arrive before taking a year group assembly or undertaking a guest assembly at one of our local primary schools. I have started to teach some RE classes this year, which I am really enjoying and of course I offer pastoral support to the student and staff body throughout the day. Then I might do some planning or attend meetings in the community with partner organisations and groups. It’s a very varied role.

Do you work with any other schools or groups in the surrounding area?

I go into 12 local primary schools half termly to deliver an assembly which works well as Year 7 students joining us already know me and what The Academy of Saint Nicholas is all about. We work with charities and support local activities and groups. The school has raised funds for Comic Relief and Operation Christmas Child, donated to the South Liverpool Food Bank and taken part in community litter picks. I’m in the process of developing a Chaplaincy Team to link The Academy of Saint Nicholas with nearby parishes and volunteers to enrich school life, look out for more detail on that soon.

You were appointed to Liverpool Diocese’s Board of Education, what does that involve?

The board meets regularly to resource, support and encourage the 120 primary and secondary church schools across the Liverpool Diocese, which stretches from Widnes in the south to Warrington, St Helens and Wigan in the east and Southport in the north. It is a great privilege to be involved in this work.

Do you have any final thoughts?

I look forward to coming to the Academy every day, we have a great staff team which I enjoy being part of and fantastic students who make every day different.

Mission Statement

The Sponsors’ mission is that the The Academy of St Nicholas equips all members of its learning community with the values, skills and attributes they will need for personal success and well-being in a multi-cultural society and global economy.

Also to significantly contribute to community cohesion and regeneration as a centre of learning to provide support, training and business opportunities for the benefit of all local people.

The Enjoyment of Learning, the opportunities provided through the Enterprise and Business and Languages for Business specialisms and a culture that reflects Christian Values and Principles are the core characteristics of the Academy. These complementary core elements, along with efficient and effective stewardship of the Academy by Governors and staff, are evident in everything the Academy does and represents.


The Sponsors’ overriding vision is for the Academy to be an outstanding learning community and resource for South Liverpool, bringing together communities from diverse backgrounds in an innovative and exciting environment; providing high quality education and facilities for students, families and the wider community. It will be a place where there are high aspirations of and by everyone and where students of all backgrounds, beliefs and abilities will be welcomed, respected, supported and encouraged to fulfil their individual potential

The Academy dedicates itself to innovation and excellence, and to ensuring:

The Academy’s community is one that promotes Christian values, mutual civility among different groups and respect for diversity, welcoming students and families of all faiths and none and serving the whole community.
The provision of the right curriculum so everyone has access to the best possible curriculum that suits their needs and aspirations, allowing them to achieve the highest possible standards.
Everyone receives the highest quality teaching and a variety of learning experiences that are enjoyable, relevant, motivating and challenging.
Everyone receives the best learning support and guidance to ensure both educational progress and personal and social development in preparation for the life after school.
Everyone experiences learning in a transformational learning environment which is secure, supportive and stimulating.
Members of the local community are actively involved as partners in the Academy which will aim to raise community aspirations and provide new opportunities for work, leisure and local regeneration.
Governors, individual members of staff and other interested parties exercise stewardship of the Academy’s resources in an efficient and effective way ensuring regularity and propriety at all times.