We feel that Business Studies provides students with valuable ‘Skills for Life’.  Regardless of whether you decide to start your own business, work for a local, regional or global company you will be required to demonstrate many forms of business acumen.  The teaching of Business Studies provides students with the required skills and general knowledge to ensure they are employable in the world of works competitive environment.
Within the Business Studies curriculum students learn about the different types of businesses that exist.  Students will study a range of modules including, Communication, Marketing, Finance, Customer Services and External Influences.  The content is up-to-date and relevant, with students participating in many external excursions to national businesses.  Students will have access to ICT facilities to complete assignments.


KEY STAGE 4: Pearson BTEC Level 1/2 First award in Business

Unit 1: Enterprise in the business world
What is a business and what does it do? The term ‘business’ can cover anything from a sole trader to a multinational corporation selling products to millions of people all over the world. In this unit you will learn how the trends and the current business environment may impact a business. You will have the opportunity to plan for a new business idea that you could set up in your home area by exploring where there is a ‘gap in the market’. You will then present a business model for a business start up of your choice. This is a core unit, which is assessed through a piece of coursework.
Unit 2: Finance for business
All businesses have to spend money before they can make a profit, and when they spend money, they incur costs. In this unit, you will explore the types of costs that businesses incur, including start up and day to day running costs. You will also learn how businesses plan for success, and how businesses measure success and identify areas for improvement. This is an examined unit which will take place in year 10.
Unit 3: Promoting a business
A successful business promotes itself to customers through its brand and image. In this unit, you will find out what it takes to build a brand and what a business has to consider when planning brand development. You will investigate the importance of branding a business, the types of branding that are available and why businesses need to review and update their brands. This unit will be assessed through a piece of coursework.
Unit 8: Recruitment, Selection and Employment 
The success of any business is largely due to the calibre of the people who work for it. A business will strive to ensure that it has the right people in the right place at the right time. In this unit you will learn about the job roles and functional areas of business, produce documentation for specific job roles and demonstrate interview skills and plan career development. This is a coursework assessed unit.


Cambridge Technical Level 3 Extended Certificate in Business
Students studying the Extended Certificate in Business will study 5 units over 2 years. There are 3 mandatory units, of which two are externally assessed exams, and one is an internally assessed, and externally verified, coursework unit. The last two units are optional units, there are a wide range of options to choose from including Accounting Concepts, International Business, Introduction to Human Resource Management and Market Research. The optional units will be chosen by the teacher based on the interests of the students in the class.
This qualification, combined with other qualifications, will provide you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to progress into Higher Education on programs such as Business Management, Marketing or Business and Finance. This also allows you to progress onto an apprenticeship.
You can find more information about the curriculum the school is following by contacting Mr Tudor by email or calling 0151 230 2570.